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Classic Italian Pizza (Professionals)

The only personalised consultation that gives you 3 courses in 1!

Upon purchase, you will have access to a complete online course in English.

The online course includes step-by-step professional videos, illustrating:

  • Handmade pizza dough
  • Pizza dough made with a stand mixer dough
  • Pizza dough made with a spiral dough mixer
  • 2 Pizza doughs made with a direct method
  • One pizza dough made with extra virgin olive oil for takeaways
  • 2 pizza doughs made with indirect techniques (preferments)
  • 6 different toppings
  • All the fundamental aspects of the baking process.

You will have UNLIMITED access to the video course.

Additionally, an extensive  e-book containing the necessary theory to make classic Italian pizza, as well as thorough insight into the associated baking process, is provided

Upon purchase, you will receive an email including a coupon and links to book your FREE consultation with the Master Tutor.

  • A 2 hours personalized one-to-one Zoom consultation with our Master Tutor, bookable at your convenience, to satisfy one's needs in their laboratory.

During the consultation with our Master Tutor, you will be able to investigate all aspects regarding the product's preparation in a professional environment, specifically: exploiting types of equipment and resources, optimizing the workflow, reducing wastage through menu optimization, training staff, making the most of marketing as a driver to business results, and maximizing all aspects to create a practical and standardizable product will be discussed in details.

As a bonus, you will also receive a certificate of participation with the Fudemy Academy at the end of the course.

We are ready and waiting for you!